Monday, 21 November 2016

Nail soak recipe

As you all know by know I am in college for hair and beauty, one of the main rules, when you go into training, is that you can not have acrylic nails. This is down to an array of reasons, mainly you could jab someone in the eye with them but also when you are washing hair you can get water underneath them, and this leads to mould which leads to infection, you get the idea. So after having acrylics on for most of my teenage life it was time for them to go, as you probably can guess this was a sombre occasion for me. I mean I love my nails more than I will ever reveal, I feel like I should have had a funeral for them or something. 

After taking them off by soaking them in acetone for about 40 minutes (they were very thick). I saw the horrific state that my nails were in underneath. Which I am not showing you as they where that bad. 
So now not only do my nails look utterly horrific they also feel that way. I think because I have had no breathing time my nails have just given up on me. I have never in my life had my nails actually become painfull, at all times during the day no matter what I was doing they hurt. I think they where taking revenge on me.But luckily after I did this homemade nail soak they felt 100x better. 
So this is a recipe I made up as I went along. All the ingredients I used all have their individual qualities on your nails, the majority of them being for hydration. Which is definitely what my nails needed. I soaked each hand for 15 minutes then rubbed in all the excess and slept with it all still on. By the morning my nails were as good as new! It was like there was no damage at all.